Trident Passage Door Lever Handle On Round Rose Knob Set Replacement Polished Chrome 6975

  • This range of Trident door handles are suitable replacements for doors with a 54mm hole where knob sets have been previously fitted
  • They are ideal replacements for knob sets on doors with a 54mm hole
  • The rose is larger than a standard door handle, it measures 63mm
  • The fixings are very similar to that of a knob set
  • The “Passage” model is a standard latch handle only with no locking facility at all
  • This item is supplied in a see-through clam pack
  • It comes with all the relevant fixings and keeps for the frame
  • The tubular latch that is supplied is different to standard latches, it has an adjustable backset of 60mm-70mm
  • The backset is the measurement from the forend of the latch to the middle of the spindle hole
  • The handles are reversible, instructions are included