jtb82200 SCOT Jigtech Cresta Internal Push Button Privacy Door Pack Satin Chrome

  • Revolutionary fast fit handle system
  • Fit Handles, latch and keep in 5 minutes
  • This door pack is predominantly used in Scotland due to the preference to use 4 inch (100mm) hinges **PLEASE NOTE THIS PACK CONTAINS 4 inch HINGES**
  • Push button privacy system no extra thumbturn and deadbolt required
  • 1 set of JigTech ‘Cresta’ Door Handles on Round Rose
  • 1no. Jigtech Smart Push Button Privacy Latch 57mm backset (70mm overall length) and comes with Jigtech Spacer
  • 1 pair JigTech privacy roses which need to replace the existing passage roses when fitting
  • 1.5 pairs (3no. single hinges) 4inch (102mm) Washered Button Tipped Hinges, finish to suit the handle