Precision PLS24PRO XHD heavy duty concealed magnetic catch

  • The Precision Lock PLS24 PRO XHD Concealed Magnetic Catch is a very heavy duty evolution with 3x the strength of the standard (PLS24PRO), it can be fitted anywhere a heavy-duty roller catch would be required.
  • No latch noise when opening and shutting door and completely concealed when door is closed, unlike a roller/ball catch.
  • The catch will never wear out since magnets never touch after installation.
  • Approximate 9 kg (19 lbs) pull strength
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please use extreme caution when handling these magnets, they are exceptionally strong as the attractant forces are very powerful and if allowed to snap together violently small sharp chips can be thrown off. There is also the danger of trapping your fingers due to the strength of this particular magnet so please do use extreme caution.